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How the Story of Beryl Stafford Can Help Your Business.

Do not be discouraged when there are many naysayers around you because it might mean good things for you.This is a sign that what you are going after is much bigger than what people think about you. Once you get to your goals the world will be on your feet ashamed of ever doubting you. You would expect a new brand of vegan cereal bars to be welcomed with open arms in the world but it is rarely the case.This might be due to the fact that some people do not know the difference between being a vegetarian and a vegan. Beryl Stafford had to fight to get to the top selling her baked oat bars. She started the business by selling to the local community. You should be keen when you are tasting something from the local restaurant because it might actually go on to become something very big. Local cafes are the starting point for many bakers because they can talk to the owners easily and do deliveries in their pursuit for financial freedom or just because of the passion they have for the job.Beryl Stafford went all through this. After going through a divorce, the lawyer who handled the process was advising her to get a job which came out as rude. Instead of listening to the negativity, she decided to become a small business owner and went on to start her baking which was initially something that took a couple of hours every week.

She joined a local food accelerator for more tips about the business and the next years saw her selling to the local cafes in her community in Colorado and she never thought she will one day be a household name. After a local Whole Food purchasing agent tried one of her bars, the regional office suggested expanding to twenty different stores. Note that this did not come out of the blues but she had to be persistent and strategic. She had to hand-deliver the bars to Whole Foods rep store in Southern California. When she eventually found a distributor it becomes easier for her.

Note that when you are everything in your business you have to be willing to do what it takes to see it succeed which is why you need to let your ambition keep you awake at night. People might be against you and you will have to do all the work. You will find this info. helpful if you are struggling to grow your small business.