An Introduction to Tools and Their Evolution

When humans first began to walk this earth, it must have been hard to not only locate ourselves in time-space, but it must have been hard to do simple tasks like make a fire. Of course, that’s a pun on cavemen discovering fire, but with the way technology has evolved, it’s only right for us to make a small joke about how far we’ve come. In this article we will discuss the ways in which tools have developed through the centuries up to today, 2018.

Tools and Their Evolution

The definition of a tool as provided by Wikipedia is an object which allows the user to perform a task that is relatively simple, but not safe or easy enough to do with any combination of the body and its parts. This task or tasks can be anything from breaking, lifting, or moving objects. At first we began using simple tools like sticks and rocks. Later we began to use those sticks and rocks to make other, better tools.

As we learned to make fire, it became a tool as well. Now we were able to use the sticks and stones to make a fire in which to cook whatever was hunted that day. These can be seen as the first stoves of the human race, and we still use them today when we go camping. We then figured out how to make sharp objects and began attaching them to the ends of the sticks in order to launch them at animals to have a higher kills rate. Today we have sporting events showcasing these exact same tools, but for play.

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The majority of modern society, at least in the United States has no need to go out and kill prey because everything we need to survive is shown in glass windows, isles, and counters in order for us to gather them and pay for whatever we need. We’ve evolved to the point where we can even “print” some of these tools. Imagine if we went back in time to the day when the first human found out how to make an arrow. We show up and setup ten 3D printers side by side, turn them on, and begin to print perfect plastic arrows sharper than the ones he just made. I think the brain of this pre-historic human would explode to know that we have companies like Ambler Direct.

In conclusion, in this article we gave a brief overview of some of the tools we learned to make throughout the years as pre-historic humans. There are many tools we did not talk about, but include saws, computers, cellphones, robots, artificial intelligence, and more. One of the biggest tools we have created is the airplane and we are now on our way to creating a spaceship to take us to Mars, to begin the next step of our evolution. It is amazing being able to look back at how far we have come, and to see how insignificant that is compared to other galaxies.