Impact of New Equipment on the Industrial Development

In the modern economy in the United States and internationally, a lot of industries have adopted the use of technology in the running of their manufacturing processes and also the management of the workforce. This has been evident in the use of sophisticated machinery to perform their manufacturing processes and also the introduction of computerized systems to do the management work in their places of work. This has brought about a lot of improvements in the industries, which all can agree are crucial to the development of the economy in any country. One of the industries that have been affected by the new technology is the construction industry. For a very long time in history, the construction sector has been dominated by human labor, which was used to perform virtually all the activities in the construction sites.

However, with the advancement in the technology, the engineers realized that it was becoming pretty challenging to perform some of the activities that required either a lot of strength or extraordinary powers to perform them. These included the lifting of heavy objects and construction materials to scary heights. Although it was done by the individuals who were characterized by a lot of strength and guts, it was realized that it was posing significant levels of risk on the constructors and the individuals themselves. This challenged the civil engineers to come up with alternative methods to perform these activities without having to expose the lives and health of particular individuals to unnecessary risks. That was when they innovated the cranes, which would be used to lift the super-heavy construction materials in the construction sites, and also elevating them to the deadly heights that were deemed risky to human.

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The introduction of the cranes not only demystified the construction process but also created some business opportunities to the merchants and the manufacturers. The manufacturers took up the idea of the innovators and began designing the cranes according to the various functions that they were expected to perform in the construction sites and also in other industries where they were used for lifting bulky cargo such as in the port harbors. On the other hand, the merchants leveraged on the repair and maintenance of the machinery. We all have to agree that at one point or the other, the cranes would break down during their operations and they would demand repairs and other maintenance activities. With this idea in mind, the merchants began selling Grove Crane Parts, which would be purchased by the crane owners and the operators whenever they required them. This was a viable business opportunity for the merchants.

One of the main benefits that were brought about by the introduction of the cranes in the industries was the efficiency. The lifting of bulky cargo in the industries was made more efficient by the use of these tools since they could lift objects that could never be lifted by human force, and also to heights that no human could. As a result, the productivity of these industries skyrocketed and consequently increasing the amount of revenue that they made from their production activities.