Noise Pollution in The Big Cities

Noise Pollution is a rising concern in large cities. Noise pollution is something that is also invading much smaller cities too. Often, the noise pollution or environmental noise is due to all the construction that is going on in the larger urban cities or public transport vehicles. Other noise is due to high traffic levels and the increasing population in those cities too. Many companies and organizations place sound walls up in very polluted locations to absorb most of the sound and decrease it to a tolerable level. This also improves the quality of work performance in a work area and protects hearing.

Big City Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a growing problem in most urban areas. Large industrial and commercial sites generally find a way to reduce the outdoor noise pollution with noise barriers because this is a problem that will simply not go away without help. Certainly, the rise in population adds to the noise pollution and makes it unbearable in some locations too. In addition, all the noise pollution leads to health problems or even hearing loss for some workers that are involved with commercial industries. Here is a list of the cities in this country with the highest noise pollution levels.

  • New York – The city that never sleeps has constant noise due to construction, transformers, and traffic.
  • San Francisco – Numerous complaints about the noise pollution close to the airport
  • Miami – High amounts of traffic through the day increase noise levels
  • Philadelphia – Constant noise due to the airport, train stations, bus stations, convention center, stadiums, and high traffic levels
  • Atlanta – High noise due to industrial activities
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Are Noise Effective

Noise barriers are experiencing increased popularity with industrial organizations and commercial organizations. This is due to the rise in noise levels and the complaints that are associated with the rise in noise levels. Of course, the companies would like to shield their workers from the noise pollution and protect the public too. Therefore, they place noise barriers around construction and industrial sites to protect people and reduce noise pollution. It is thought that the noise barriers are very effective in certain locations. For example, high traffic areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, railways, airports, and numerous outdoor work-sites.

Noise Barrier Material

There are companies that specialize in producing the noise barrier walls for large industrial and commercial companies. The noise barriers are very effective because they are constructed out of very strong noise absorbing material. The highly effective noise barriers are a piece of advanced technology that are composed of material that absorbs the noise and stops it right in its tracks. Materials include masonry, concrete, to specially developed materials that change the level of the noise.

Certainly, noise pollution is a growing concern for commercial industries and the public in general. However, noise barriers keep the environment safe and reduce noise pollution. Thus, making the environment a safer place.