We Are One with The Good Earth

Who doesn’t feel that way? We work hard our entire lives in an effort to purchase that one piece of land that speaks to our heart and soul. It’s our property. We own it. We say what happens on it and no one can say otherwise. We want that slope in the backyard shored up and stabilized. We don’t know how to do that. Dang!

Those magnificent retaining walls that you’ve seen around would be perfect for your yard. You’ve had the idea in the back of your head for some time now, however, such a project is not in your budget. Or is it? Well, there are a number of considerations to take into account, from property value to safety to the old fallback of the fact that you just want it. This is a permanent installation that will satisfy all of the previous considerations, and there are tough, knowledgeable and experienced people out there, who can simply pluck the idea right out of your head and make it real. Or offer you some of the staggering design ideas that they have license to, by virtue of having done it all. The craftsmen of this particular medium have second sight when it comes to the very land itself. They have an intimate knowledge of how landscapes work and behave, and they have the uncanny ability to tame the very land itself, with materials gleaned from the very land they sculpt. It’s pretty cool, and it looks good too.

Stone retaining walls are an ancient technology. Looking as far back as we humans can, into our own history, we can see evidence that mankind has been re-shaping landscapes all throughout recorded history. This means that those doing such work today, are the recipients of centuries of passed down techniques and methods which have become an art form in its own right. To call them “Structural Engineers” is not enough. They are masters of their medium. They will forge your precious land into a workable, livable area that pleases the eye and stands the test of time.

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That these professionals work on massive commercial projects is irrelevant when it comes to your personal property. It simply means that small homeowner projects are a breeze for these pros. It’s pure pleasure for them to be able to flex their creative muscles and step away from the cold, rigid confines of commercialism. Your home is their canvas, and their pallet is diverse. That you’ve commissioned them to chisel out your 3 dimensional vision for your land, is their pleasure. Those who can do such work, must do it. You are helping them more than they are helping you. The benefits are mutual and extensive and permanent.

You can keep mowing that stubborn slope and keep filling in the washouts with expensive gravel if you wish. Again, it’s your land; your property; your decision. Grab a shovel and think it over.